Domestic Violence Drawing

What We Do

Education/ Awareness Training Workshops
We get invited to university lectures, conferences and police training sessions as guest speakers to get our ‘Voices of Experience’ heard.
We want to make sure that professionals working with women like us get a proper understanding of the issues.

We talk to:

  • Social workers
  • Police officers
  • Academics
  • University students in:
  • Law, Psychology, Criminology, Social Work, Nursing and Midwifery

Activities for Mums and kids
such as; parties for Christmas, Easter and Halloween.

Days out
We go to the seaside and theme parks.

Tea/coffee mornings
For women to build up friendships and share experiences (we think problems get smaller if you talk about them over a cuppa and a biscuit)!

Food and clothing bank –
e are always passing on unwanted items of clothes, food and toys to women and children who we know need them.

‘Pamper’ days.

Creative workshops.

All of our women’s and kids’ activities for FREE!

All of our members have been through, survived and escaped abuse from a partner, and we have a strict code of confidentiality – any details you choose to give will be kept confidential.