Short Films

Demeter Video

Demeter & Persephone Film

Working with professional storyteller and writer, Maria Whatton, the first stage of the project involved women from ‘Voices of Experience’ taking part in creative writing workshops. We used the Greek myth ‘Demeter and Persephone’ as our starting point, developing our writing around the ideas in the story to show the difficulties we had each faced […]

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Damage Video

‘Damage’ Short Film Trailer

We worked in collaboration with Arch, Stoke City Council and Junction 15 Productions. A number of our members worked with scriptwriters and all of the characters and events in Damage are based on the real experiences of the women from ‘Voices of Experience’. A multi-award winning film, it is a graphic and brutal portrayal of […]

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Peer to Peer Project

Another of our short films, the Peer to Peer film, produced by Junction 15 Productions and funded by Children England, shows the level of support and friendship offered through our self help network of women. We wanted to show the difference that having friends, getting together for dinner or even just being able to speak to […]

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Stoke City FC Short DV Film

We worked with Junction 15 Productions to create a short film that was shown at the Stoke City and Port Vale matches during National Domestic Violence week, 2010. In the film, we used the voices of real domestic violence survivors but with an actress ‘miming’ the words. This was the first time that we were […]

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